A message from Sara Martin,
owner of Women’s Health Care Collaborative

I am certain of the unity of humankind; that we are all connected to each other and Mother Earth.


This is what feeds my understanding of love and caring within holistic health care.


I believe each one of us deserves to feel healthy in mind, body, emotions and spirit. My holistic health restoration only happened when I experienced a full circle of care from a naturopath, chiropractor, massage therapist, herbalist, acupuncturist, movement therapist, psychologist, personal trainer, and colon therapist.


The kindness, knowledge, and collaboration of this amazing group of professional women saved the quality of my life through three difficult pregnancies of my now teenaged daughters.


In Spring 2018, the seed of Women’s Health Collaborative was planted. I envisioned a business that would support, care for, and connect clients to their holistic health care team.  And now, with the conditions just right, Women’s Health Collaborative is growing.


None of this would be possible without the example of my Mom, Betty Wilson, who for the last 40 years, shared her passion for holistic health through colon therapy at Resto Clean which was in the very same building that Women’s Health Collaborative is now growing!


I worked with my Mom from the age of 12 as a part-time receptionist at Resto Clean and witnessed nearly all of the 40 years of loving care my Mom brought to her clients.


With this love, and my skills honed from a 17-year career in education and multiple home-based businesses, I have the unique skills to create a loving nest for healing and connection.


Sara Martin