What is colon hydrotherapy and why is it useful?

The diet of people living in our society comprises, in part, excessive refined foods, saturated oils and denatured or chemical substances which put a strain on the body and particularly a burden on the elimination system. A colon hydrotherapy (colonic) is done to clean and restore the colon to its proper function.


Is colon hydrotherpay safe?
Yes, when performed in a professional setting. At WHC, the certified Colon Hydrotherapist uses charcoal filtered water and sanitised, disposable supplies such as speculum. Each therapist has been trained and has performed effective colonics for years.


How is the colon supposed to work?
The colon’s main functions are to continue digestion of food which started in the small intestine, to recycle water and minerals for use by the body and to convey wastes and toxic material out of the body by means of waves of muscle contraction called peristalsis. The colon also holds bacteria that begin to break down waste into its components. Besides the food we eat, the colon also expels the dead cells of the body and the metabolites of any medication taken for illness. It is the body’s sewage system.


A healthy colon will have strong peristalsis that will result in a complete bowel movement once or twice a day. There should be no long term constipation or diarrhoea.


Who should have a colonic?
Anyone who has grown up exposed to environmental toxins, off gassing of paints and plastics, eaten denatured food such as processed food, fast food, deep fried food, pesticide and herbicide sprayed foods, and genetically modified organisms should try a colonic (mainstream cleaning and body care products) should try a colonic


If you experience chronic problems in the digestion/elimination system including large amounts of gas, bloating, constipation and/or diarrhoea/loose stools will benefit from colon hydrotherapy.  


If you are participating in a cleanse including liver, kidney, lymphatic, seasonal, or parasite cleanse, colonics are an important part of the process making sure the toxins are fully moving out of the body, not getting stuck and then being reabsorbed into the system


If you have skin issues, are intermittent fasting, or have taken antibiotics, you will benefit from colonics


What is Women’s Health Collaborative colonic method?
We provide our clients with Dr. Wood’s gentle Gravity Method. In the Gravity Method, a tank of water at a specific height above the table provides optimal pressure through gravity and the manual control of the water allows an individualised treatment. Gravity and the active, continuous, expert involvement of a trained therapist during the colonic session makes this a superior method. 


How are colonics done?
A brief medical history will be taken before a new client comes to Women’s Health Collaborative. A trained therapist will explain the procedure and answer any questions during your visit. The client will be asked to empty her bladder before the colonic because the abdomen will be massaged. The client is left alone to undress below the waist, get onto the table and cover up with a blanket. Robes are available if wanted.The therapist will come in and set up the equipment. This includes filling the two five-gallon tanks with filtered water set to the best temperature (27-35 degrees C) for the current condition of the bowel, selecting an appropriate sized instrument called a proctor-syringe, attaching the tubing to the instruments and lubricating it. The client is asked to lie on the left side and the procto-syringe is gently inserted. The water is allowed to flow into the colon through a ¼ inch tube attached to the instrument by blocking the large exit tube.  Releasing the large tube allows the water to drain carrying with it toxins, faecal matter, mucous, fermentation products and other sorts of debris from the colon. This is carried directly into the sewage system. By allowing water into the colon on successive cycles, the whole colon is eventually cleared. The therapist massages the abdomen, after releasing the water to encourage the expulsion of toxic wastes. Often the colon will help in this by producing moves of muscle contractions called peristalsis. This is quite normal. 

After going through this fill, release, massage, empty cycle a number of times using several gallons of water, the colonic will be done. It will take between 30 and 45 minutes. At the end of the colonic, the procto-syringe is removed and the client goes to the toilet to discharge any water left in the colon.


Does colon hydrotherapy wash away the good bacteria?
No. Colon Hydrotherapy washes away the congestion, acidity, toxins, and gas that prevent the good bacteria from flourishing in the colon. When we cleanse the colon, we help create the right environment so that the good bacteria can multiply and build a healthy microbiome. After the session we give you a probiotic to add to the good bacteria environment.

The majority of people, largely due to improper lifestyle as well as environmental toxins, have impacted colons, which result in sub-optimal environments for gut microbes. As colon hydrotherapy washes away impacted waste, it provides a more favourable environment for gut microbes to thrive and populate. It is best to keep fruits and vegetables the staple of your diet, as they are the best food for intestinal microbes. It is also key to avoid foods and drinks that impact the bowels (such as junk foods, nuts, seeds, meats, dairy, eggs, grains, legumes, alcohol, and coffee).

Is colon hydrotherapy a better alternative to synthetic laxatives?
Yes. Synthetic laxatives irritate the digestive system. Consequently, the body tries to expel them out in the form of watery stool, which results in incomplete evacuation and dehydration. In contrast, colonics thoroughly washes impacted waste matter without the use of irritating substances, thus keeping the body hydrated. If necessary, I would only choose mild herbal laxatives, but would avoid over-doing them, as the body can develop dependency on them over-time.

Can I become dependent on colon hydrotherapy?
No. On the contrary, colon hydrotherapy helps “exercise” colon muscles by providing resistance against colon walls, like a gym membership for the colon. The process of the colonic stimulates natural peristalsis, allowing the colon to become stronger and work better on its own.

When people come in for colonics they feel immediate relief from congestion while also feeling clean, clear, and more grounded in the body. 

Sometimes people worry that they will do “too many” colonics and what they might have observed in others is accessing the feeling of relief and healing that sends them on a journey of holistic health trying all sorts of modalities, experimenting with dietary change, and getting into cleansing and fasting. When people finally feel clean, clear, and grounded in the body it is addictive. Realising that on a daily basis you can actually feel healthy, whole, and good natured does motivate people to make big lifestyle changes

With the Woods method the tanks are at a certain height from the table, which creates 2 psi (pounds per square inch) which is enough pressure to be effective during the session but gentle on the body.

What are the contraindications of Colon Hydrotherapy?

Abdominal perforation

Acute Crohn’s disease 

Cancer of the colon, rectum or GI tract


Fissures or Fistula

Pregnancy (after 7 months)

Recent surgery

Severe Haemorrhoids

Vascular aneurysm

Rectal or Abdominal tumours

Renal insufficiency

Uncontrolled Hypertension


After six weeks from these conditions, clients can resume colon hydrotherapy:


Chemotherapy or radiation 

Congestive Heart Failure or recent heart attack



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